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  • Amount : from 10$ to 15000$
  • Term deposit : infinitely
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Attracting of private investments will allow us to buy more actively capacities for a mining of this perspective currency that will increase in turn earnings capitalization of the company at many times. We, in turn, will make the stably payments of fixed profit to our investors. Thus all concerned parties in benefit. As shows experience of the company which at the moment works at Bitcoin mining at the expense of own funds and money of several large investment funds, such model of development bears in itself just incredible profits.
THE DIGGER FEATURES is the innovative crypto platform constructed on the basis of cryptocurrency and a platform for creation of the decentralized online services of Bitcoin's new generation. This system is realized based on so-called a smart of contacts and works as the united decentralized virtual machine.
Except that the cryptocurrency of new generation has the mass of innovative opportunities for further development in the blockchain technologies, also it can be successfully implemented in sector of banking services of remote type that in turn will allow to register the mass of deals with any assets on thethe distributed network of contacts basis, without resorting to traditional legal procedures.
THE PLATFORM FEATURES is unique and probably the most perspective platform on income generating in the cryptocurrency market at present.
We involve the investment capacities from outside private investors from around the world that already in the short term will help us to increase the our mining capacities in tens of times. Income from this mining of this cryptocurrency will grow in hundreds of times, against the background of constantly growing BTC exchange rate.
All this gives us the certain chance not only to make the stably payments of fixed profit to our investors, but also to save up sufficient margin of safety of the exact platform.

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